Do the most important thing first.

Always keep a to-do list with you in which you write down the work of your day. With this you will be able to keep an eye on your daily activities. But which work should be done first and which work should be done after? let’s watch.

Do your work based on the results you get from them. For example, if some work is big but the results are small, then do that work in the end. If a task is small and the results are big, then do it first. Always pay attention to the results and do your work accordingly.

Vilfredo Pareto gave the 80/20 rule in the 19th century, in which he told that only 20% of the people in this world have 80% of the wealth. This little rule applies in many places. Only 20% of your hard work will give you 80% success and you can improve yourself by 80% by removing 20% ​​of your shortcomings.

When Joseph M. Juran was working for General Motors, he noticed that his vehicles were further damaged by minor manufacturing defects.

Juran observed that 80% of the defects in their vehicles were due to manufacturing defects, only 20% were due to manufacturing defects. He called his discovery the Pareto Principle. Removing these shortcomings became the most important task of the Juran.

One thing is clear from these things that not all your work is necessary. The results of some of those work will be huge which will take you forward. Do these things first.