Gyanbajar Latest Information How does the ‘Fundamental Sense of Self’ build up the brain?

How does the ‘Fundamental Sense of Self’ build up the brain?

How does the ‘Fundamental Sense of Self’ create the brain?
There are many of us, who must have felt at any moment in life that who are they? What is their existence, at the same time another man must have wondered whether his thoughts were also those of another, or as if there was a spirit driving his body, when one steps into the threshold of youth. So many questions come to him regarding his existence itself.

Have you ever wondered where all these questions are coming from, after all, which part of our brain keeps asking us such questions, or have you ever wondered that due to injury to which part of the brain, the whole body becomes useless? It happens, or what is such a state of mind, that a person goes into depression. In these coming chapters you are going to look at the human mind very closely.


Somebody asks you who are you? So you tell me… then you give your introduction in front of it, have you ever thought that where is this feeling of ‘I’ coming from? This work is done by your mind, which has made you realize since childhood that you are you, you are in the same ‘me’, this is what your mind has been telling you.

What if someday this brain stops telling who you are, will you die that day, or will you remain a living corpse? This fundamental sense of self comes when our brain works for us.

The dying thing that has been talked about above may sound like a joke to you, but this thing is true for the person who is suffering from Cotard syndrome, he really starts to consider himself dead.

Psychiatrist Adam has shared the story of a person battling this disease. He told that there is a patient named Graham in his hospital, who has been divorced. He even tried to die once. Now he claims that he is brain dead. Graham is suffering from depression, and the disease has progressed so much that all the emotions in his body are gone. He also claims that now there is no need for him to sleep and eat and drink, now he can easily die. He doesn’t even brush anymore, when he was told that he was alive, he denied that he was dead.

There are many parts of the brain that keep on making us realize that our existence is this, our name is this. In the case of this patient, the defect has come in those parts. So now those parts have stopped working. This is the only reason that even the fundamental sense of self has stopped coming, and he refuses to consider himself alive.

When Graham’s brain was scanned, it was found that there is no activity of any kind in the front-o-parietal network, which is the part of the brain from where all these feelings come. Because of this, he has started considering himself as dead.

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