Life changing thoughts Business knowledge and skills Make your customer’s needs the center of your business right from the start

Make your customer’s needs the center of your business right from the start

Starting a business after the age of 40 can be very exciting for many of us, you can finally be your boss, set your working hours according to your family life and decide when  You have to work and when not.  But if you also have the same view, then think once and have a look.  It is natural to think of setting up your business on your own, but the needs of your customers are more important than your needs.  Whatever you do, do it from the heart.  Making your company customer-centric means that you keep the needs of the customer in focus from the very beginning of your business.  The same mistake many businessmen make is identifying their ideal customer, setting a price point that attracts customers, and hoping that they get a long line of customers in front of them.  But this is not so easy.  First of all, you have to create awareness about your business, you have to reach your business to the people.  To do this in a customer centric manner, think about the problems that your ideal customer is facing.  How can your business solve this problem?

 Firstly, you can offer a solution that your customer has not even thought of.  If you run an ironing service, then suppose you have chosen your ideal customer those mothers who are in full time job taking care of their home and children.  It is possible that such women must be looking for a solution to reduce their stress and for this they must have done Google.  At the same time, it may also be that to reduce his stress, he has not considered the ironing service.  And your business can help them a lot.  To grab the attention of such mothers, insure that you have an online presence and describe their problems there in a way that they can understand.  After that offer them the solution of this problem.  You can say something like, “Are you stressed because of so much work and can’t sleep at night? Lower your stress level by getting us ironing.”  In this way, you bring your business to your ideal customer in such a way that keep his problem and his needs at the center.  You have also started articulating your business according to the need of the customer and not your own.  Sure, this will benefit you too, but making a customer feel that their needs are most important to you can make a huge difference.

 Being at the age of 40 has its advantages, you will be more confident and wiser.  But it also has some drawbacks. You don’t feel as energetic at this age as you might have in your 30s.  This is not a problem, not at all as long as you know when to seek help.  This business of yours can be so important for you that you do not want to give it in the hands of someone else, but it is very important for the business to take someone’s help when needed.

 For example, you can hire someone for those tasks which take you a lot of time and the other person does it in a jiffy.  You take the card designer only, a lot of his time goes into getting it cut from the shop, at this time he could have used it in designing a new product line.  In such a situation, a simple solution could be to give this job to a sales and marketing person who has specialization in sales and sell these designer cards to the retailers.  In this way the one who has been given the responsibility of sales will also be able to do this work very easily because the designer has already made his contacts and his reputation in the industry.  So the next time you have trouble doing some business work, think about whether it would be better to give this work to someone else?

 If you are looking for another person to help you, it is important that you select that person through a requirements process, so that he is the best fit for that job.  Often people choose any worker through a traditional interview process but it can be a bit tricky.  It is very easy to get impressed by someone’s communication skills during an interview, but in practice that person may not have the necessary skills.  You should not make this mistake, so consider what kind of work the employee will have to do.  For example, if the employee has to talk to a customer on the phone, you can take a telephonic interview to see how he is in telephonic conversation.  If you are hiring for an administrative role, then you can give a practical test to the employee to do the job effectively by giving him a list of some tasks.  With the help of the advice given in this summary and your considerable age experience, you will be able to easily remove the obstacles in the way of entrepreneurship.  Take your life towards self fulfillment and financial establishment.

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