Life changing thoughts Exam tips for students Top 3 major mistakes on exam day and how to avoid them

Top 3 major mistakes on exam day and how to avoid them

  • A small mistake can lead to failure in competition and examination. In this post, I will guide you to avoid such major mistakes.

    I will warn

  • 1. Don’t sleep too little on the night before the exam

    2. Read the questions at a slow pace, relax, don’t rush while taking the exam

    3.Take special care of your health

  • 1. Don’t sleep too little on the night before the exam

  • You should get enough sleep the night before the exam. If your exam is only for one day, get enough sleep the night before. If your exams are going to last for several days, then you should get enough sleep on all those nights as well.

  • I learned this from my own mistake. My final exam in class X was “Social Knowledge”. All my exam papers were very good as per my expectation. Since the social knowledge test was my last test, so: I thought I should do a lot of reading tonight. I thought I could sleep soundly for several days after the exam. So I kept studying till 2 o’clock in the night. After this I went to sleep with the alarm set at 4 in the morning. That’s how I read a lot. He slept only two hours at night. I went to take the exam at ten in the morning. I had a good exam, and I was happy.

  • After a few months the results came. I got an average of 84% marks. I had an average of 88% in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. But I got only 48% marks in social knowledge. If I had got more good marks in social knowledge then my name would have been in the merit list. This gave me a good lesson, and I decided not to study “too much” the night before the exam.

  • 2. Read the questions at a slow pace, relax, don’t rush while taking the exam

  • I also learned this lesson from a mistake I made in class X. It was an English test. That was the first board exam for me at the state level. I

    I had not learned to rest then. I used to do all the work in a hurry. I used to be quick in exams too. I had written the answers of all the questions ten minutes before the end of the exam time. I went through all the questions once again to correct my mistakes. I was shocked to see this when I saw that I had written an essay on “Delhi” instead of “Diwali”. This essay was to be written on “Diwali”. But I read it “Delhi” in a hurry. When I came to know about my mistake, at that time only 1-2 minutes were left. I was able to write “Diwali” by cutting out “Delhi” only at some places. I don’t know how many points I lost because of this mistake of mine.

  • Because of that mistake I learned to read the questions slowly and comfortably.

  • It was also learned that thinking and planning should be written in the answer. This helped me a lot to get more success in the subsequent examinations.

  • 3.Take special care of your health

  • If you get sick, you will not be able to do as well in the exam as you are capable of. You will not get the full result of your hard work and knowledge.

  • So you should take special care of your health. For example – do not eat anything in the streets, on the side of the hotel or road. These can contain bacteria, and can make you sick. Don’t lift too heavy a load. Do not do any work that causes pain in your body

    or you get sick.

  • don’t exercise too much

  • The secret to exercising for good health is to exercise regularly. The exercise should be such that the body does not feel pain. ,

  • If you do too much exercise in a day, you will get tired, and you may even get hurt. Sometimes this injury can be so severe that it may take a few years to heal.

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