What is lacking in our concept about productivity

How is the working day today? We have to do a lot in this working day. There are many meetings that we have to attend. There are many such mails, which we have to answer. There are many reports that have to be written. Wouldn’t it be wrong to say that how the whole day is spent in work? Don’t even know. Our efforts are rarely fulfilled in fulfilling all these. Sometimes it seems that we are riding in such a boat. in which leakage is taking place. Gradually, he is filling water in the boat and going forward the boat will be completely submerged in water. It is only after these thoughts that we fall into the trap of the myth of productivity. We think that if we focus more and more on work, then we will reach a good situation. But we forget that the faster we try to work, the less our productivity will be. This happens because our schedule is already full. We keep filling it up more and more. This approach is in such a way that we have to write fast mails today. For this, we have started writing yesterday’s mails from now on. After this comes the number of another failed approach, we use another extravagant method to increase productivity. We think that working overtime will increase the productivity of the work. But that is not going to happen at all. By giving excuses to ourselves for this act, we keep amusing our own mind as well. We tell ourselves that this overtime is only for now. Afterwards everything will be fine and fine.

We should know that all these ways to increase productivity are utter nonsense. We are never going to get any benefit from them. That’s why we should not aim for productivity. Now the question arises that what other goal can be set apart from productivity?

Responding to this, the author says that apart from productivity, you can aim for freedom.

Freedom can have many meanings. Out of that, it also means freedom of focus. This means that you should work on increasing the focus by taking time for yourself. This work is very important and also very difficult. It takes mental effort to do this work. Due to which the human body also gets tired.

This makes another objective of productivity even more important – that is, the freedom to do nothing. It sounds counterintuitive, but most of our successful ideas actually come from then. When our mind is in a state of rest. That’s why you can give yourself some time in a week. You don’t have to do anything in your own time. Have to try to stay calm. Your brain has a lot of power. He will definitely do something. Remember that when the mind does nothing. That’s when even the biggest creative ideas come.


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