Because of the advantages of Habit Forming Products, today every company wants its product to be Habit Forming. If you also want to be a product which is habit forming then you have to use hook model. The hook model has four steps which are given below.

Trigger – A trigger is an event that causes the user to use your product for the first time. It could be a youtube ad.

Action – What the user has to do to use the product. As he may have to register by clicking on a link.

Reward – The user should get something for using the product. Some of his needs must be met.

– Investment – The user has invested something in that product such as money, information or time.

  • Once the user goes through these four steps, the last step will send him back to the previous step and this cycle will continue to repeat. Gradually the user will get used to using that product on his own and he will start using your product without thinking anything. So that’s how the Hook model uses our habits. Now let’s take a closer look at each step.


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