Bags of Brahma

Brahmaji, the creator of this world, once called a man to him and asked — ‘What do you want?’ The man said – ‘I want progress, I want happiness and peace and I want everyone to praise me.’

Brahma ji put two bags in front of man. They said — ‘Take these bags. in one of your bags
Neighbor’s evils are full. Carry him on the back. Will keep it closed forever. Neither you see nor show it to others. Your faults are in the other bag.

Hang it in front of you and open it again and again.The man lifted both the bags. But he made a mistake. He carried his bag of evils on his back and closed his mouth tightly. He hung a bag full of his neighbor’s evils in front of him.

With his mouth open, he keeps looking at it and shows it to others as well.
The boons he had asked for with a smile were also turned upside down. He started making offerings. He started getting sorrow and restlessness.

Everyone started calling him bad.
If you correct that mistake of man, then you will progress.You will get happiness and peace. You will be praised in the world.

All you have to do is stop looking at the faults of your neighbors and acquaintances and always keep an eye on your own faults.

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