Life changing thoughts MONEY MANAJMANT TIPS FOR BEGINNERS Before buying anything expensive, think how important it is

Before buying anything expensive, think how important it is

  • 31- Before buying anything expensive, think how important it is

  • The definition of the word expensive is different for everyone. A $5 item can be expensive for someone, then a $100 item is not expensive for someone, but a simple way to avoid spending on expensive things is that whenever you go to buy something, stop and think whether you This thing looks really expensive. And if it is looking expensive, then tell yourself that you will buy this stuff after a month. Wait for 1 month and if you still want that stuff then buy it only. And if you don’t want that stuff after 1 month, then put that money in savings or investment account.

  • Never take quick decisions regarding money, especially when you are finding the goods expensive.

  • 32- Quit spending unnecessarily

  • Unhealthy expenses like smoking, drinking and eating fast food have a bad effect on health as well as money.

  • Let us understand from the example of cigarettes, if you smoke cigarettes and you have got used to it, then every month a good amount goes on it. Along with this, the money for lighter, mint and dry cleaners are charged separately. If your health deteriorates due to cigarette smoking, then more money will go into it. Meaning you have to spend so much because of one cigarette and you can also save a huge amount by leaving this one cigarette. Therefore, not only from the health point of view, but such habits also affect the pockets.

  • Similarly, the habit of drinking and eating fast food three times a week is also financially very harmful.

  • 33- Keep information about monthly bills and take action as soon as they increase

  • Usually people do not know how much their bills come, and because of this they are paying more to their service provider.

  • Whenever a service provider talks about increasing its fees, then you should ask for its details and negotiate with the high ranking employee only.

  • For example, if your cable company is increasing its charge, then you should call and talk to them and tell them how old and loyal customer you are, as well as try to pressurize that you can get cheaper from their competition company. Getting offer.

  • The same is the case with house rents. Often the landlord does not want to spend time and money in finding new tenants and if you have been a good tenant you can refuse them to increase the rent.

  • If you don’t effectively say the bill rising month by month, you will save thousands over your life.

  • 34- Pay all your bills on time

  • Often people do not pay bills on time and in return they pay late payment charges. Simply because he could not write the check on time.

  • By paying bills on time, you not only give respect to the company they deserve but also establish yourself as a loyal customer which will definitely be helpful for you in future. The company will not increase your charge soon and if there is any kind of offer then it will try to benefit you only.

  • 35- Pay tax on time

  • Financial obligation related to the government should not be delayed as it can put you in trouble, later you will have to spend time and extra money. For example, if you do not pay your speeding tax, you will have to pay more to get your license back. Here comes one more thing, if you think that the government is charging you extra, then you must fight your case. But if you don’t get the $20 parking right, don’t get bogged down in legality by spending $100 for it. Sometimes compromising is more beneficial than fighting.

  • 36- Overpaying the IRS is also a good thing

  • The author says that many people call it stupid to deposit more IRS because it attracts interest, although he is right. But when you’re in the early stages of your career, overpay the IRS by about $3,000 each year. Because it is a forced saving, so it is only for your benefit. The only difference is that on this $3000 you may have to pay an interest of $50. But if this extra money remains in your pocket, then it will go to waste.

  • 37- Check your every bill thoroughly

  • We have a very bad habit that we just take a quick glance at our bill and pay it. In the era of automatic payment, it has become even more dangerous. The author says that when he took treatment 2 months ago, the doctor got more money from his health care insurance. Simply because their billing system is like this. In such a situation, if you do not read the bill very carefully, then you often end up paying extra.

  • The author says that because of his habit of reading bills carefully, he saves $1000 in a year.

  • 38- Understand your receipts and keep them

  • The authors divide their receipt into two categories, first low ticket receipt and second high ticket. Bills like eating out, gas, grocery, water, electricity are low ticket receipts which the authors throw away at the end of the month. The author says that he saves $100 a year just by catching the cashier’s mistake on these items.

  • The author calls the receipt for the product and service that costs more than $200. Authors keep their high ticket receipts and credit card statements for years. This happens if there is a guarantee or warranty on any product. If the service provider is giving you a guarantee, then you can use your receipt to get the service or product again free of cost

  • 39- Buy the only car that fits in your budget

  • Often early in their career, most adults want to own their own car. But you should not buy a car until you have bought it. It is better that you buy a second hand vehicle and keep putting money in the next car fund for yourself. In three-four years, you will see that you will get a lot of money just to buy a great car. Another way is to buy the last year’s model of the car that is about to be launched, this gives you a good car as well and does not cost that much money. Don’t be in a hurry to buy a car, don’t buy until you can afford, deposit money slowly and you will buy a great car very soon.

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