Life changing thoughts MONEY MANAJMANT TIPS FOR BEGINNERS Use discounts for products and services

Use discounts for products and services

  • 21- Use discounts for products and services

  • Always try to get discount. Price the goods at a low price and then you can use the internet to buy them.

  • If you are a permanent customer of a restaurant and their competition is around. So you can ask for a discount from that restaurant in exchange for your loyalty. This is what Arthur did in his favorite pizzeria. When you work strategically like this, then you will save a huge amount in your life time. And you will be able to put more money in your savings account.

  • 22- Claim your rebate immediately after purchase

  • Most of the customers are unable to claim their rebate as they do not submit the documents on time. If you are getting a rebate on a product, fill the rebate form immediately after purchase, send the required documents to the company and keep a copy with you for records.

  • The author has saved millions through rebates over the course of 30 years.

  • 23- Keep Saving Mindset Instead of Spending

  • There are two types of people, one who saves and the other who spends, some people say that they are spendoholic, that is, they like to spend money and they can not change themselves despite trying. The reality is that he doesn’t want to change.

  • Just like some people enjoy shopping or spending money, you will find that you will find happiness in saving money. Your net worth statement and budgeting will be your scorecards.

  • 24- Don’t compare yourself to those who spend more

  • There is a shortcoming in us that we want to tell others that we too can lead a life of luxury like them. But it is not always true. If someone is buying a BMW, it does not mean that he is able to afford it and you should also buy it in competition.

  • You have to accept this reality, someone or the other must be living a better life than you. Where will you go by doing competition and most of the people get bankrupt due to this competition. Never compare your financial status with that of others. Focus on your own financial goal.

  • 25- There is also a price to be paid for owning something.

  • People’s target is to earn money and buy a car and house. Often the car is taken before home. After buying a car, keeping it has its own separate cost, think about it, you have to spend so many insurance, maintenance, parking, toll, registration on the back of a car. And the cost of all these things depends on things like the size of the car, where you live, how long you drive and how the driver is.

  • Similar long and expansive expenses are also incurred for buying a house. For this, you have to spend extra on things like insurance, maintenance, home furniture and other items, utilities, homeowners association fees. Therefore, while buying a car or house, consider not only the cost of them but also the cost of owning them, otherwise sooner or later you will start trying to get rid of them.

  • 26- Prioritize your expenses

  • We have a saying at the local level that 99 will always be there, never 100 will be completed. You can’t get everything you want. Even millionaires can’t get everything.

  • You must know the difference between your needs and aspirations. There are roof over head, health care, transportation needs. Whereas a nice car, a nice house, frequent meals out and a wonderful vacation are your aspirations.

  • And here you have to set the priority. If you want a bigger vehicle, then you have to compromise with the size of your apartment.

  • Only you can know what is important for you. Keep in mind, whatever is important to you, should be your choice and not to show the people around you, you should start giving important things to the material.

  • 27- Avoid the so-called “Great Deals”.

  • Often we get caught in the trap of such offers which are not deals but scams, although avoiding them is only a matter of common sense but often people get trapped. These include buying stuff from telemarketers, trying to grab job opportunities that cost money, stuff that claims to bring change overnight – like weight loss drugs or cleansing creams and most importantly, messages that Often we come across, in which we are selected as a winner in a lottery or competition.

  • However, talking about all these things, we say that it is all fraud, but when it falls on us, we often get trapped.

  • The author himself was caught in such a trap. When he was 22 years old, he received a mail saying that he had won a car, a boat or $5000. They have to come somewhere to claim that price. When the author called and inquired about the boat, the reply came from the front that that boat would be able to swim in the lake. The author got excited. And because that place was only 1 hour away, so he filled gas in his car and reached that place. Going there, he was shocked when he saw that he was getting a toy boat worth $3. Although there was no loss to the author in this, but the person next to him who came for the price came to this place after traveling for 2 hours after taking a day’s leave.

  • That’s why it is better to stay away from such “Great Deals”, because no one is going to give you anything like this.

  • 28- Avoid small bargaining

  • Not only do we have a habit of bargaining while shopping, but it seems to us to be a very beneficial thing. Someone said that such a place is available on bargaining and we go. But in this bargaining affair, we often buy such things which we do not need or in reality that price is not bargaining.

  • The same thing happened to the author once, while he was shopping last minute for Christmas, he was offered a nail buffer and was told that this nail buffer usually costs $50 but on bargaining it will be $25 . The author found the deal profitable, he took it home and gave it to his wife, he came to know that his wife had bought one such nail buffer for $3 from a nearby drug store. And they do not have a place to keep this extra nail buffer.

  • Therefore, before buying any item on bargaining, ask yourself some questions, do you know about the real price of this product? Do you really need this stuff? Would you still be interested in this product if it was available at its original price? And don’t get too much bargaining?

  • 29- Know the importance of everyday service and product

  • Prioritize what kind of products and services are important to you.

  • Let us understand from the author’s example. Every day the writer has to run for something, so he prefers to spend on sneakers. On the other hand, he does not have much need of shoes, so he does not like to buy branded shoes. Same is the case with service. Writers try to save maximum money while taking haircut service, but when it comes to computer repairing service, they take premium service because computer is more important for them. Similarly, you have to decide which product and which service is important for you. You cannot spend too much money on every service and every product.

  • 30- Insure that the luxury items you buy are really important to you

  • Often, we like to buy what others have and this is more especially in the age of youth. The update of the iPhone has arrived and this is what is going on in the market, despite the good performance of our old phone, we go out to buy the latest one. And in doing so, companies are ready to convince us. For example, when you go to buy a car, the salesman present there will show you the most expensive vehicle and he will assure you that you are in dire need of this vehicle.

  • To avoid such expenses, whenever you feel like spending on any such item, then take that money and save it and after some time you will see that you have saved a lot of money just because of controlling yourself. .

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