Do you also have to face frustration sometimes?

  • Do you also have to face frustration sometimes? Even though your dreams are very good, but still you are not able to fulfill them. You feel that nothing is going right from your professional life to personal life.

  • If all these things seem familiar to you. So it means that you do not know how to set goals correctly. By now you do not know that a method is also used to set goals. It is very important that we are well aware of that method.

  • After reading this book, you will come to know that what does it take to live life at full potential? There are tools and tricks from some simple-tons. Which you need to bring into your own life.

  • So let’s get started!

  • French naturalist Jean Henri Fabre once conducted an experiment with caterpillars. The species with which he conducted this research. It is called Pine Processionary. They have got this name simply because they follow each other in a special way.

  • During his experiment, Fabre put the caterpillar in a ring. After this, he had kept a piece of food in the middle of that ring. It was similar to what caterpillars usually use. But he observed that none of the caterpillars had broken the ring. He was hungry for a week. He was allowed to die but did not break the ring. He was thinking that as soon as he walks like this, he will reach the food. But that was not going to happen.

  • The author explains here that most of us behave like a caterpillar. We consider our action to be very useful. Then we continue to live the whole life in the same way. When with the help of our action we are not able to reach anywhere. Then we go in a circle.

  • So if you want to move on. Then you have to set goals.

  • You may think that you are smarter than a caterpillar. This may happen and it may not happen.

  • Ask yourself a question, do you know your goal? If you know, have you systematically noted down your goal? Let us tell you that only and only 3 percent of Americans note down their goals. That’s 3 percent of people. Those who can turn their dreams into reality.

  • If you have clear goals. Then you will know what to do next? Along with this, you will also know what is important to you? That’s why it is very important to know the target. This will also keep motivation in you. Motivation is very important to achieve any goal. So to keep your motivation alive, make it a habit to note down your goals. Efforts are required towards the goal. At what time should he make an effort? You will know this only when you have your goal. So first of all make a clear and accurate goal for yourself.

  • Creating a clear strategy regarding goals is not an easy task. You may have to spend a lot of time for this. But you must invest time for the goal. When you have a clear goal. Then you will also have better focus. Due to which you will also save a lot of time. To save a lot of time going forward, today you will have to spend time identifying the goal. There are many benefits to having a clear goal. One of those advantages is that then you know which way to travel? Remember, the destination will be achieved only when you know the way.

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