Life changing thoughts Business knowledge and skills Each task can be broken down into action

Each task can be broken down into action

You were watching TV sitting comfortably on your sofa when a great idea came to your mind. An idea that can make your company profit in lakhs. You tell this idea to your boss the very next day without delay. They also like the idea very much, they form a project team and ask them to execute this idea.

After a few weeks, everyone realizes that no progress is being made. Gradually, everyone’s enthusiasm starts decreasing and within a few months that idea goes into cold storage. It is often seen that a great idea gets lost somewhere in its execution stage.

In this summary we will see how we can get rid of it. How with the right mindset and organization you can turn your idea into reality.

Your company is moving towards an important meeting related to sales, which can either take your company to the heights of success or can sink it. In such a critical time, your boss asked you to prepare a presentation, but sitting in front of the computer, your brain is not working at all. You don’t understand where to start.

We all get caught in such a situation at some point or the other and it is definitely very stressful. Fortunately, there are some steps that you can follow to avoid such a situation.

Every project of yours, whatever it is on any topic, can be divided into 3 parts.

First of all comes the action step i.e. the important work without which the project cannot be completed. For example, your action step for your sales presentation would be to outline the presentation or ask your boss what products you want to focus on.

After that comes the reference i.e. the information which can prove to be beneficial for your project. For example, for your presentation, sales forecast of your product, competitor analysis and feedback from your previous presentation can all be useful as a reference.

And in the last turn comes the back burner items ie those things which will work in your project but can work without them.


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