God keeps account

A patient’s case came to the hospital. The patient was very serious. The owner doctor of the hospital immediately went to himself and investigated the case in the ICU.


* After two-three hours of operation, the doctor came out and told his staff that this person should not have any kind of deficiency or problem and also asked him not to take money for treatment and medicine.
*The patient remained in the hospital for about 15 days.

When he was completely cured and the day came for his discharge, then the bill of about 2.5 lakh rupees of that patient came on the table of the owner and doctor of the hospital.
* The doctor called his account manager and said … “Do not take a single penny from this person. Do this, you come to my chamber with that patient.

“The patient was brought to the chamber in a wheelchair. The doctor asked the patient – “Brother! Do you recognize me?” The patient said “I think I have seen you somewhere.”*
* The doctor said … “Remember, two years ago, at sunset, you had fixed a car in that forest away from the city.

That day I was returning from a picnic with my family that suddenly smoke started coming out of the car and the car stopped. I tried to start the car by parked it aside, but the car would not start. Darkness was starting to fall a little. The forest all around was deserted. There were lines of worry and fear on the faces of every member of the family and everyone was praying to God to get some help.

In no time a miracle happened. You were seen coming on top of the bike. We all raised our hands with the eyes of mercy and gestured for you to stop.*
* You parked the bike and asked the reason for our trouble. You checked by opening the bonnet of the car and within a few moments started the car.*
*”A wave of happiness ran on all of our faces.

We felt as if God had sent you to us because the thought of spending the night in that deserted forest made our patients stand up.** You told me that you run a garage.** ” I thank you Expressing that even after passing the money, it does not help in such difficult times.


* You helped us in such difficult times, this help has no cost, it is priceless but still I want to ask how much money should I give you? Words have become the inspiration of my life” You said that “My rule and principle is that I never take anything in return for helping a person in trouble.”*

God keeps the account of this wages of mine.*
“The same day I thought that when a person of ordinary income can have such high thoughts, and follow them with determination, then why can’t I. And I have also taken the same resolution in my life. Two It’s been years, I’ve never had any shortage, I’m getting more than ever.”*


*”This hospital is mine. You are my guest here and I cannot take anything from you according to your own rules.”*
* “It is the grace of God that he gave me a chance to serve the person who inspired me.”

The person above will also keep the account of my wages and whenever I need it, he will definitely pay it.
*”The doctor said to the patient….”You go home comfortably, and if there is any problem, you can come to me without hesitation.

“The patient while leaving, folded his hands in front of the picture of Lord Krishna kept in the chamber and said…” Oh Lord! You paid the full account of my Karma with interest today.” **Always remember that the deeds done by you come back to you. And that too with interest*

It’s going to be a tough time right now. Help people as much as you can. Your account will come back with interest

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