• Like startups like Zomato, Facebook, all startups want that they get success and get it quickly. This is the dream of every entrepreneur. So let us tell you that this dream of yours can come true. Silicon Valley startups are role models for everyone. Successful startups in Silicon Valley are successful today because they used clever marketing techniques. So what are these techniques after all? This is what we are going to know in this book. In this summary, we will know that how you can earn money by offering your service and your product for free? How did Zomato take advantage of the situation? And after all, why will no one ever have to pay for ads?

  • So let’s get started!

  • You all must have heard the name of Silicon Valley and if you have not heard then let us tell you that this is the place where many successful companies and startups start. In a very short time, the startups started here start generating billions of dollars in revenue and do not know how many customers they attract.

  • For example, let’s talk about Uber. Started in 2011, this transport service became popular all over the world within 5 years. Today this company is valued at $62 billion. It is a matter of great concern as to how the company grew so rapidly.

  • All startups that get success quickly have one thing in common and that is that they all avoid traditional marketing techniques. Talking about Uber, they never focused much on old marketing techniques such as sales or advertising, but targeted their clients through their data analytics and then their same clients themselves did the marketing of Uber.

  • This new way of doing business is called growth hacking. With this approach, you can grow very fast. And it is not limited to just one specific sector. Growth hacking can maximize the success of any type of business. There is a simple formula for successful growth hacking. There are many factors like Attraction, Retention and Help of Generating Revenue which provide you good results. To achieve this, growth hackers need a team of experts who are familiar with scientific thinking. Next in the summary, we’ll go over some of the best growth hacks and understand how startups today use them.

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