• Most of us make little money because our thinking is the same. Even if we get a lottery of five lakh rupees tomorrow, we will start living again in lack of money after 1 year. On the other hand, even if Mukesh Ambani loses all his wealth, he will become a billionaire in a few years.

  • One thing is clear from this that if you want to become rich then first you have to make your thinking rich. If you think that you can earn good money with right knowledge and business strategy then you are wrong. You may earn good money from it but still you will never be able to be rich because your thinking is poor.

  • Each of us has a different thinking. Millionaire’s thinking is to earn more money while others’ thinking is to earn medium or less money. Our thinking depends on our childhood environment.

  • Most of us are unable to achieve our goals. This is because our thermostat is low. Those whose thermostat is high, they handle their money in such a way that their income increases. Whereas those who have a low thermostat, spend more money as soon as they come.

  • So if you want to become a millionaire, then you have to leave your old thinking and adopt the thinking of millionaire.


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