• Start your new life by leaving the old life.

  • You can start your new life by following the given three paths.

  • Identify your dreams First of all you should see what your dreams are and why you have not fulfilled those dreams yet. You start living your life according to the life of your dreams and if something comes in your way which you were taught in childhood then you learn to move on from it.

  • You identify the things that are the cause of your suffering and then slowly get rid of them.

  • – Learn to forgive others. The reason for your sadness can also be that you have had a fight with someone or someone has said bad things to you. You keep walking around with what he said, due to which your sorrow always increases.

  • You learn to forgive others. If you are having regrets about something, then learn to forgive yourself. Until you learn to forgive people, you will keep wandering in old memories and negativity will start coming in you.

  • – Learn to enjoy every moment, you spend every day as if it is your last day. By doing this, you will focus only on the things that make you happy and you will learn to put aside the things that hurt you. No one would like to spend the last day of their life living under stress. Understanding every day as the last day will give you a way to live life.


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