Life changing thoughts BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION To change people’s intentions, you have to give

To change people’s intentions, you have to give

To change people’s intentions, you have to give them new information.

Convincing people to do their work is a very important skill in life. If you’re an employee, you’ll need to convince your boss to hire you over the other 10 people. If you are a parent, you have to convince your kids to eat green vegetables, study more and use the phone less.

Changing intentions and persuading people is necessary for everyone. But there are some people who can change the intentions of people and get them to work for their benefit. Companies often use these methods on us to sell their products and to get politician votes.

Many people in our life keep influencing us to change our intentions all the time. Which career should we choose, whom should we vote for, whom should we marry or what kind of books should we read. But it is not necessary that people are trying to mislead us by changing our intentions.

Many people help us make the right decisions by giving us information. If we already believe in something, then these people give us information and tell us why we should not believe that thing. They do this in some way.

First of all, he will put the things of both the sides in front of us. He will tell us what are the benefits of believing in that thing and what are the benefits of not believing in it. Next, they will try to convince us that the benefits of not believing in that thing outweigh the benefits of believing in it. Or they will give us some new information and tell us that believing in that thing has no advantages, only disadvantages. In this way they will change our intentions.

When people try to change the intentions of others, they try to show them the world from their perspective. They try to prove their point of view through information and logic. With time, people start to understand their point of view and by following their words, they also change their intentions. And they often feel that they have taken the right decision by changing their intentions.

Information has the biggest hand in changing one’s intentions. People don’t like old information. They always need something new. You have to convince them that they didn’t have complete information when they took the decision last time. After this you have to give them new information and make them feel that now they know the whole thing. Now you can easily change their intentions.

If you don’t give them new information, they’ll keep thinking the old way and end up doing what they were supposed to do. That’s why you should be able to tell your point to them in the right way.

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