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Top 10 tips for way to motivate yourself

  • Some people believe that motivation is a useless thing. And after a few days the motivation goes away. But if you chase a goal, the more motivation you have, the less hard it will take to achieve it. It is said that one idea can change your life. And Steve Shendler tells 100 ideas to motivate yourself. In this book you will know how because of them your life becomes very easy. And you start climbing the ladder of success. Everyone should have this book like a handbook of life, so that if you feel any difficulty in life, you can motivate yourself by turning a few pages from this book. The motivational ideas of this book are as follows –

  • 1.Death Bed Exercise

  • According to this idea, people think that he has come to live on earth forever. But you should relax that one day will come and you will not live on this earth. And when you realize this, you will see how much time you waste on non-important things. And then when you think about what are the desires and hopes left behind in your absence that you wanted to fulfill in your life, then you will know the value of this life. And you will understand that just like cricket and other games end in the same way the game of life also ends one day. And whatever has to be done has to be done before the game is over.

  • 2. Stay Hungry Exercise

  • Famous Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger started working in films when he left bodybuilding. So most people did not recognize him. And his first film also failed. After this, he said with full confidence in his interview that one day he would become the most powerful actor in Hollywood. And then when asked how would he do that? So he replied that he would create the vision of a best actor for himself. And live that vision as if it had come true. He told that he had already tried this method with success in body building. The only thing he had to say to the people was that you should not wait for the vision to be found according to your mind, rather create your own vision.

  • 3. Tell Your Self a True Lie

  • Accordingly, you are asked to write brilliant lies about your life. If you have had such a dream, or you have a wish that you believe cannot be fulfilled in your life. Then write about it by pretending that the work is done. And prepare your brain to complete it and then when you do that work then it will really happen. Well, there is no end to desires. But you write about your biggest wish in one go and fulfill it. After that try for another. Otherwise, it should not happen that in trying to fulfill many desires at once, none of your wishes will be fulfilled.

  • 4. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

  • According to this idea, your eyes should always be on the prize. For this an example has been given that on the trunk of a two feet thick and 10 feet long tree kept on the ground, you reach from one end to the other by walking very comfortably. Whereas if that tree trunk is kept at a height of 20 feet from the ground, then while walking on it, the focus of your brain will keep scaring you that you may not fall. What always happens in your life is that you are worried about your fears. But your focus should always be towards optimism i.e. a prize filled with hope. That after doing that work, how much praise you are going to get and how much benefit you are going to get.

  • 5. Learn to Sweat in Peace

  • According to this idea, you should shed your sweat when you are practicing. At the time of war, your sweating is not useful, but at that time you immediately take action according to the occasion. Therefore, do your practice by working hard at the time of peace so that it can be useful to you in the time of war. That is why while practicing the race, the players run with heavy tires tied behind them. Due to which they have to work very hard in running. But then after removing that tire, he starts feeling very light on his body. In this way, if you overcome your fear by practicing hard beforehand, then you can successfully pass the real exam with great ease.

  • 6. Simplify Your Life

  • To illustrate this idea, the example of Vince Lombardi, a very famous American football coach, said that if you want to do something very aggressive on the field while playing, but your mind knows nothing about what to do Well then you can’t do anything. The same thing applies in real life as well. That’s why you should also simplify your life. Two books have been written about it. who are very powerful. The first is ‘The One Thing’, and the second is ‘The Essentialism’. Both the books say that do not choose too many goals for your mind at once. Rather, choose such a goal in its place, after which you get all the other goals automatically.

  • 7. Look for the Lost Gold

  • It has been told about this idea that often we see things from our point of view and are not able to see them as they actually are. Giving an example about this, it has been told that two people attended a friend’s birthday party. One of them liked everything in that party very much and had a lot of fun there. Whereas the other man had come from home fighting and he was already very sad. He didn’t like anything there. This shows that beauty is in our eyes. If we are happy inside then we see everything beautiful and good. But when we are sad inside then nothing can make us happy. We have many such possibilities that we can make our day good and wonderful. And it is your choice whether to think positive and be happy or be sad by thinking hopeless. So if you achieve them by making small goals, then your day will definitely go well.

  • 8. Push All Your Buttons

  • It was told about this idea that we know in which condition we work well and in which condition we are not able to do well. An example has been given about this that there are many buttons in it to run the computer. But if a person does not know how to use those buttons, then he will not be able to do any work in the computer even after getting very upset. Similarly, if you have knowledge about yourself, what makes your mood good. So you start doing good work. Like many songs motivate you, many movies charge you up, many youtube videos give you positivity and you become instantly happy by meeting many people. And there is a long list of similar things that act as a motivation button for you. And tells your spirit what type of man you are. And what makes you sad? That’s why you should know the list of your motivation buttons. And you should press the same buttons more and more that lift you up.

  • 9. Build a Track Record –

  • It has been told about this idea that we do not get so much fatigue due to work as we get from not doing any work. Many people believe that after seeing some books and videos, their life will change by making an affirmation. But affirmations work only to a certain extent. And making an affirmation for something is as if you keep repeating about something again and again that you have to learn something. So you can expect to learn that thing at some point but in reality you will not be able to learn it properly. For example, if you want to learn computer, then instead of repeating this thing again and again, if you start doing computer course under someone’s guidance, then first you will start learning like a novice. Then learn a little more and in the end you will learn well. For this you have to create a track record of your own. And in that track record you tell your experience as if earlier you did not know how to operate computer at all, after that you practiced for half an hour everyday and then after one month you learned to operate computer. And now started working on the computer easily. Your track record proves that you can do any work by motivating yourself.

  • 10. Welcome the Unexpected

  • It has been told about this idea that many people believe that it is not creative. Whereas all of us are really creative and keep doing some creativity. Creativity does not mean creating something original. Rather it means to create something that has not been thought of before. An example of salty jalebi has been given in this regard. You must have seen Jalebi thousands of times. But the creativity in this is that it is salty and tastes good. That’s why you should never think about yourself that you are not artistic or creative. The potential for creativity is always there for you. And for this you should always be ready to do something unexpected.

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