Life changing thoughts Business knowledge and skills Top 4 tips Useful guide to make life successful

Top 4 tips Useful guide to make life successful

  • 1. Identify the Realistic Goals and try to achieve them

  • 2. What should be done to improve the romantic relationship?

  • 3. By Prioritizing You Can Get Your Health On Track

  • Increase comfort in the home by dividing tasks into 20 minute sessions

  • 1. Identify the Realistic Goals and try to achieve them

  • How many times does it happen that we want to do something? But then do not move forward towards that goal. It is not necessary that that work should be very big, it happens for small tasks also. Even if we don’t have to clean our house? But we don’t make efforts to do that. Sometimes we know that we are stealing work. We also know that if we do not make efforts now, then our target will not be fulfilled. Still we do nothing. Why does this happen? You will find the answer to this question in the chapters of this book. Many of us also have to face the lack of commitment in life. Sometimes we keep getting gilt. But still we are not able to improve our life. As already mentioned, this does not happen simply by moving towards bigger goals. Rather, we are not able to complete even our basic tasks.

  • If you are also facing such problems. Then you don’t have to worry. The author tells that all problems can be eliminated. We just need to be aware of some life hacks. If we know about those hacks then we can make life easier. Start listening to these chapters. You will come to know how you can fulfill the promises you made to yourself. Along with this you will also learn how to throw negative thinking out of life. What is Crisis Management? And how to deal with anxiety and boss?

  • So let’s get started!

  • What’s Between Your Goals and Happiness? Do you know where to start? 90 percent of people have no idea where to start? This is also the biggest problem. If you have the same problem. So first of all start collecting your goals. At least you know where to go?

  • When you will know about the destination, then you will also find the way. The most important thing is to be realistic while setting goals. You must know what you can achieve. It is seen that when it comes to goals, people start thinking of becoming Shahrukh Khan. Thinking is not wrong. But it is also important to recognize the talent inside you. That’s why the author says that it is very important to be realistic while setting goals. If you keep setting unrealistic goals, then you will never be a winner. The quality of a winner is that he knows what he can do. If you are a normal person and you want to get in shape. Then your gym goal should be to lose some weight. Here if you will make a goal of becoming a model like Milind Soman. Then you will find yourself lying in bed after a week. So keep the goal simple, prepare the goal according to you.

  • So put the unrealistic goal out of mind and life. Write down your realistic goals in the form of a list. In this way you can start making changes in your life. Big changes happen with small efforts. Therefore, work on giving correct and accurate goals to your mind. That is why it has been said that one should not set the goals of one’s life by looking at the lives of others. After measuring your life, set goals for yourself. Which you can try to get. There is another way to progress in life. That is, your relationship with time should be good. If you feel that you do not have enough time to go towards the goal. So it means that your time management is not right. You also have to learn its skill. To improve this, you have to start keeping track of your time. You should know where you are spending your whole day’s time. You should also know that how much time does it take for you to complete each task? With time management, you can bring a lot of positive changes in your life.

  • 2. What should be done to improve the romantic relationship?

  • The path to happiness in life also passes through a good relationship. How happy are you in life? It can also be gauged from the fact that how are you taking care of your relationships?

  • To improve our social and personal relationships, we have to constantly make efforts. There are many types of relationships. The most important relationship among them is also the one with whom you are romantic. That’s why it is very important that you respect this relationship, along with giving respect, we should also take care of this relationship. But how will you do this? We can also compete with our partner to take care of romantic relationship.

  • Competition here does not mean that you need to play a double tennis match with your partner. Here the author is talking about competition in love. For this you just have to promise yourself. That promise will be that from now on you will never fight with your partner. From now on you will not tell them anything that hurts them. With this, the competition can also be done in such a way that who gives a better gift in this coming Valentine. The simple thing is that here the author is talking about the competition of love. All types of couples will benefit from this competition. Even if you have gone into a new relationship, or your relationship is 10 years old. This type of competition will make your relationship much better than before.

  • Understand the importance of confidence, as well as inculcate the habit of asking the right questions.

  • What Does “Getting Your Professional Shit Together” Mean? The author explains that it means different things to different people. For the writer, this meant ‘dipping’, quitting her job as an editor and starting to work for herself as a writer. For us, it can mean earning more money or even getting promotion.

  • Whatever career you have, but there are some tips for everyone, with the help of which their career can be better. Whenever it comes to your work, create a different confidence inside yourself. This confidence will help you a lot in professional life.

  • There are many ways to appear confident. The most effective way out of them is that you should always keep a smile on your face. Whenever you meet anyone in the workplace, you should try to get a positive vibe. Good communication also boosts confidence. That’s why you should learn the qualities of communication. Communication does not mean any particular language. This is an art. With the help of which you can effectively reach your point to other person. There is another way to grow in the professional field. That is, you should ask the right questions to your boss.

  • For example, if you want to become the head of a department. Then ask the boss directly what skill employees do they need for this position? How to reach that position?

  • When you ask such direct questions, the boss may give you the right advice. The mistake most people make is that they just keep on guessing. That’s why the author said at the beginning of this chapter that we should inculcate the habit of asking the right questions. But what if the answer is negative? It may also happen that your boss directly says that there is nothing else for you in this company. You have got to learn a lot even after such answers. You have come to know that you cannot grow in this company. Where there is no scope for growth. It is better to leave that place as soon as possible.

  • 3. By Prioritizing You Can Get Your Health On Track

  • The author tells that in today’s time millions of Americans are overweight. Along with this, lakhs of people are also battling with lifestyle diseases. Most of the people have problem of diabetes. After seeing such data, you must be feeling that Americans do not care about their health at all.

  • Let me tell you that you are thinking wrong. The author did a survey. In that survey, he asked people what they care about the most. The result of that survey was very surprising. Most of the people in the survey had expressed concern about their physical health. So are we really worried about our health? It means that we do not know how to deal with our problems. But how will we solve this problem? If you want to improve your physical health. So first of all try to change your thinking. Most people talk about positive thinking. But the author says that there is a lot of power in negative thinking too. With the help of this thinking also you can bring positive change. Suppose you have gained a lot of weight. Then you must hate your body. There must be so much hatred that you can sweat profusely in the gym for it. With such tricks, you can keep your body as well as your mind fit. Therefore, at the beginning of this chapter, the author has told that you can improve your health by giving priority. But for this you have to pay attention to your health. You should know that the physical body also has a connection with mental health. As you keep improving your physical health. In the same way, your mental health will also improve.

  • If you also want to face your problems properly. Then you also have to be aware of your emotional and mental health. In today’s era, the problem of anxiety is faced by most of the people. It has become a common mental health problem. Many people are going through this trouble. That is why it becomes very important that you must come to face these problems. There are two simple approaches that can help you deal with anxiety. Sometimes the best way is to face the situation due to which you are facing problems like anxiety.

  • This is the kind of situation from which you cannot move on. For example, let’s say that you have to live separately from home. Because of this you are facing panic. To deal with such a situation, take a long breath and tell the family members. By doing this you will feel that the problem is over. Now you will feel very relaxed in your mind. The second way to deal with anxiety is the opposite of the first. In the first method, you had to become pro active. But in other way you don’t have to do anything. Yes, you heard it right. Now you don’t have to do anything. In this strategy, you have to wait for the right time. You have to wait quietly for that time that the problem will end on its own. This may sound strange. But it also proves to be much more effective. For example, if your boss sends you some mail. Your anxiety increases with that mail. So try not to reply to that mail immediately. You should get a good sleep now. Then wake up and go to office in the morning. Many times it happens that the value of that mail ends in the morning. Therefore, even doing nothing after thinking a lot can end the anxiety.

  • Increase comfort in the home by dividing tasks into 4.20 minute sessions

  • What do you have to do to be able to keep your house clean? This question may bother many people. Many people are facing this problem. They do not have time to manage their house properly. At the same time, there are many people who find all this work easy. Because they never have to do anything. Either wife does all the work for them. Or does it. They should know that keeping the house systematic is not really a child’s play. But you can keep your house well. For this you will not have to work too hard. With the help of 20 minutes session, you can easily do your household work. Your first effort should be that you do not have to work too much in the initial session. Home does not have to be changed like life. It just has to be cleared. After this you will distribute all the work. Just as pressing clothes will be in a separate list, storing children’s toys will be in a separate list. Now that you have made a list of all the messes. Then it will be easy for you to clean them.

  • Prepare yourself according to the list, which work do you have to do on which day of the week? For this you can also fix 20 minutes a day. By doing this, you will not have any extra burden on any day and your house will also be clean. Now you have no excuse not to clean the house. You have come to know that you can do anything by managing time properly.

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