Life changing thoughts Self Motivation Bringing back your lost focus is the most important thing for mind hacking

Bringing back your lost focus is the most important thing for mind hacking

  • You may not have realized this, but there are two types of attention, volunteer and reflexive. Your attention to something automatically goes away, it is called reflexive and the thing on which you pay conscious attention is called volunteer. Right now, by turning your attention to this summary, you are doing volunteer attention experience. And reflexive attention is called when your attention is diverted to some side without any effort like when someone calls your name. But you can strengthen your voluntary attention and weaken your reflexive attention.

  • The first step is to overcome your digital distractions. A research done by Russian psychologist Bluma zeigarnik in 1960 shows that our brain is going through psychic anxiety until a task is completed. Since your brain treats any kind of distraction as an uncompleted task, you are happy when you stay away from these distractions.

  • Turn off social media notifications, keep limited time for chatting, unsubscribe to newsletters and watch TV a little less. Why don’t you start now, get away from all these distractions for 1 hour and after an hour make your schedule for the week ahead.

  • When your distractions are reduced, then you will have time for meditation, you will be able to easily train your mind to focus more. This type of concentration training is very important for mind hacking.

  • Find a comfortable position. Go in that position, close your eyes and focus on the breath. For the next few minutes, completely relax your body and do a body scan from your head to toe, and then come back, focus on your breathing for the next 20 minutes. It increases your concentration. Whenever your attention starts wandering, bring it back to your breath. Now imagine that your focus is getting stronger and your mind wandering has reduced.

  • To make this concentration training a habit, you can reward yourself after every meditation. For this you have to be consistent. Meditate at one time every day. You can do this concentration joining in your bedroom by waking up every morning, for this you can set an alarm and after completing the training every day, reward yourself with something like a coffee, a shower or a small nap.

  • It may be a bit difficult in the beginning but it will get easier with time. You will come to the driving seat of your mind and will be able to analyze and make changes accordingly. We will know further about this in detail.

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