Life changing thoughts Self Motivation You and your mind are not the same

You and your mind are not the same

  • You and your mind are not the same

  • If you have learned a programming language, then you must know that writing the first line of coding and watching the response made by the computer is a different pleasure. Even a small step like writing a sentence on the screen is the beginning of huge possibilities. Same is the case with mind hacking where mind is the computer you have to program. Mind hacking helps you analyze what you really want, and then reprogram your mind to do that. The lessons in this summary are a manual for taking control of your mind and life. By following which you can capture a lot of opportunities. In this summary you will learn how to increase your concentration. How did Jeff Bezos get what he wanted, and why should you smile while taking a shower?

  • So let’s get started!

  • John Nash was a Nobel Prize winning mathematician. Those who had paranoid schizophrenia. As a result, he thought that he was a messiah whom the aliens were contacting through the New York Times. Due to his illness, he spent time in many institutions. But a different thing happened that he had learned to mold his mind according to himself, he had come to know how to get control over the symptoms of his disease. Gaining control over his mind is turning out to be a very important factor in his success.

  • Why not do a little experiment on getting this mind control thing. Close your eyes and think about the mind.

  • Apart from feeling the sensation due to closed eyes, you may have noticed that your brain is thinking something. This is because you and your mind are not the same. Your brain is like a computer user who knows what you need throughout the day. But you are like a super user who not only has access to the brain but also has access to the way the brain works.

  • To have complete control over your mind is just like logging into the computer with the Super User ID, which has access to every setting and security. Hearing this, it seems as if it is easier to log in as a super user in your mind than to log in as a super user in the computer. But it is not so, you make yourself a super user of your mind by thinking a lot, but in the blink of an eye, you come in user mode and you do not even know. But with practice, gradually you can enter your mind like a superuser and stay in this mode for as long as you want.

  • Those who hack their mind, they do not just think, they think about thinking. Which is called metathinking. In our everyday life, thinking is necessary to complete tasks, take decisions and move forward. On the other hand, metathinking means analyzing your thought process and seeing how your thought is affecting your emotions, work and life. When you become a mind hacker, you will be able to switch between thinking and metathinking very easily. Because mind hackers do this work very easily.

  • Spend the next 24 hours in the awareness of your mind. Just notice what your mind is thinking, just observing will suffice for now. Over time this awareness will become your habit. And using this awareness, you have to differentiate between your mind and yourself, because the first rule of mind hacking is to understand the difference between yourself and your mind.

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