Feelings are also born in us from money.
Let’s go into the world of imagination, imagine that you are watching many lakhs of rupees burning in the fire. Now tell yourself how would you feel after seeing the smoke of that fire? Maybe you are getting angry only after hearing this question? Do you think how can someone set fire to lakhs of rupees?

But let us tell you that in the year 1994, the K.Foundation of British Art had done such a feat. He had set about 1 million pounds on fire. He had to prepare an art piece, so he did it.

Now you may be thinking that how can two people burn so much money? They did not know how many people’s food was burnt. A lot could have been done with that money.

Bill Drummond, one of the art duo’s members, replied that they have not burnt anything real. They have just set fire to large pieces of paper.

If seen from another point of view, Bill Drummond’s concept is correct. If someone goes to live in a desert, where there is nothing to buy, then the currency is just a piece of paper. Any money has value till then. As long as there is something to buy.

But the truth is that we are not living in that kind of island. We are living in an earth where there is nothing to buy. Where a lot can be bought with lakhs of rupees. With that much money, food can be delivered to the homes of many people.

Had the k.foundation set fire to any item worth that much, they would have faced less anger. But he set the money on fire, due to which he had to face a lot of anger. This is because the dreams of many people are related to money. It would not be wrong to say that people are very emotional about money. People’s feelings are related to money.

That’s why the author says that to understand the psychology of money, it is very important that we try to understand the relationship between money and ourselves better. If you think that problems start with money. So you should understand that money is not a problem. All problems start in our mind. If we learn to use money in the right way, then all the problems of our life will end. That is why it is very important that we also have to understand the relationship between money and ourselves and also make it the best it can be.

In the coming chapters, we will try to take a closer look at the relationship between ourselves and money. We will try to understand how can we improve this relationship?


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