We start learning about money from a very young age. We learn this with the help of the behavior and response of our parents.

The author wants to tell an anecdote here, this anecdote is from a theater group. Once an experiment took place in this group, in this experiment, 6-year-old children were asked to design a theater play. He was given the freedom to take all the decisions, meaning what would be the casting in the play, what would be its story line? All these decisions were to be taken by those children.

After 6 weeks, when the decisions of the children were observed, it came out that the role of money in the decisions of the children was very high. The researcher was surprised to see that at the age of 6, children had a lot of knowledge about money.

Many studies on children’s brains show that children are aware of the social status of money from a very early age. A lot of research has been done on the behavior of children. It has also been found in it that children start to observe the habits of their parents from their very early stages. They gradually become the way they have come after seeing their parents.

Therefore, parents need to be very careful in terms of money. They should try that they give correct information about money to the children from childhood.

Its author advises that along with money, fear and anxiety should not be imposed on children.

As parents, we often find ourselves helpless when it comes to the safety of our children. Often there is a state of fear and panic. But we cannot pass the burden of our fear and anger on our child, who is also facing a lot of trouble.

We should take help from other people. Make sure that our child feels safer being with us than he feels without us.

As we grow up, most of us take the anger out of our parents in ourselves. Many a times we find ourselves in such situations that it seems, suffering with our parents is more dangerous than facing difficulties in the outside world.

If this isn’t one of the biggest parenting failures, what is? The safest place for us should be our home and family. But this doesn’t always happen.

As we have discussed in this chapter, children learn a lot in childhood. There is also a financial aspect in the same. From today while talking about money in front of the child, do not think that it is a child. Don’t know anything about it? You have to be careful what you are talking about. He is learning a lot from those things.

Therefore, as a parent, it becomes the responsibility that you try to give correct and accurate information about money to the children. By doing this you will work to improve their future.

You can start this by being more open and honest with the kids. Many research also suggests that most children reach their teenage years. So they don’t even know how much their parents earn? Because of this, they do not know how to run a house. Nor do they know how money actually works?

If you still find money funny, then you should be careful and start the work of giving correct information about money to the children.


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