Life changing thoughts Business knowledge and skills The values ​​of the company should be such that the employees get motivation

The values ​​of the company should be such that the employees get motivation

In today’s time, the dream of many children is to go to Disney Land and Disney World. Where he wants to meet his heroes Peter Pan, Snow White and Cinderella. The question arises in everyone’s mind that how can one company rule the minds of children all over the world? After all, what did Disney do differently that made it such a huge success?

The answer lies in the training of their staff. You may be surprised to know that they get their employees trained at Disney University. In these chapters you will find the charismatic secret of Disney’s success. With the help of which you can also make your business different from the rest. In this summary you will also learn that great customer service is also an art, so it is important for you to learn it and the key to becoming a successful businessman.

So let’s get started!

In the success of any business, the role of the people working there is very high. Your business cannot be successful without well trained, motivated and happy staff.

Therefore, to run a successful business, it is important that you can keep the environment there positive and motivated. This cannot be done only by paying salary and bonus. Many companies think that they can keep the workplace better only by giving bonus. But this thinking is completely wrong.

If you want to survive in today’s time then you have to take care of your employees.

Employees should feel that their thinking matches the value system of the company. If he feels like this, then he will work wholeheartedly for the progress of the company.

To enable employees to connect to Disney’s value system, Disney has arranged for employee training at the university. Where the ideology is the philosophy of Disney. After taking training from there, the employees feel that their thinking is in the same way.

That’s why employees consider themselves more connected to the Disney company. Its advantage is seen in the growth of the company.

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